ADS is a company committed to providing its customers with high value environmental products and services. We constantly strive to be the technology leader in all strategic areas.Ads For India endeavors to be renowned for our high level of quality and outstanding service. We make every effort to continued growth, providing a return on invested capital for our owner. We desire to employ superior people and develop a superior staff. We seek a work environment characterized by high expectations, active involvement, open communication, learning, and continued improvement.

We recognize that only with every employee working toward our corporate purpose, will we remain a competitive and viable company. Our mission is to enable our customers to be more competitive by either reducing their costs or improving their performance while meeting their environmental requirements. We will not settle for the status quo, but instead will be challenged to change through the constant improvement of our offerings and procedures with a clear aim towards makingAds For India a more valuable and productive business partner. The primary employment policies ofAds For India are:

Equal Opportunity - It is the policy ofAds For India to recruit, hire, train, compensate, promote, discipline, and otherwise treat our employees and applicants without regard or consideration for the individual's race, color, religious creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, mental or physical disability, marital status, citizenship status or any other reason prohibited by law.

Drug Free Work Place - In order to maintain a safe and productive work environment for our employees,Ads For India is resolved to prevent the employment of any person whose lifestyle incorporates the use of illegal substances and/or the abuse of alcohol. In order to meet this goal,Ads For India requires all employees to submit to pre-employment, random, for-cause, and/or post-accident drug screening.

Ethics/Business Conduct and Conflict of Interest -Ads For India has always adhered to the highest standards of ethical conduct.Ads For India conducts business in accordance with the spirit as well as the letter of the law. Employees are thus expected to perform their duties on behalf ofAds For India anywhere in the world in accordance with the law and the highest ethical standards. All employees ofAds For India should recognize their responsibility to exercise their independent judgment in the best interest ofAds For India and to be free from the influence of any conflict of interest when acting on behalf ofAds For India. Adhering to this agreement is a condition of employment withAds For India.

During the search for a new job, chances are you'll read enough job ads to be able to mumble them in your sleep. Key words and phrases that seem to turn up again and again in most advertisements may even begin to haunt you: "Able to multitask," "self-starter," "team player," "great communication skills a plus."

What do they all mean? How can you emphasize in your cover letter and resume which among this laundry list of skills you possess, and still hope to have any room left over to talk about your education, work experience and other abilities that make you unique? Why must the quest for a new job be so intimidating and confusing before it's barely begun?

Don't panic. In some cases, buzz words only make it into a job ad as filler, said Bryan Zawikowski, division director and general manager of the Lucas Group's Military Transition Division. "Of course, you want someone who is a team player. Of course, you want someone who has good communication skills," he said. "Some of those are just so generic that it's ridiculous that they are even putting that in there."

Other times, said Wendy Enelow, a career expert and author of the book "Expert Resumes for Military-to-Civilian Transitions," employers are being genuine about their desire to find someone with those qualities. The trouble is, she said, many of these words and phrases are so overused that job seekers tend to take them a bit flippantly. Both Zawikowski and Enelow agree that job seekers must use tools such as resumes, cover letters and interviews to show they have the attributes listed in the ads they answer.

"If an ad says something about taking initiative," said Enelow, "when you are writing a cover letter, integrate phrases such as 'Through my initiative, my team and I ...' so you are responding to what they want." Deciphering popular job ad jargon can help eliminate the confusion and get you started on your way to a successful job search. So, let's get started. Here are translations of some often-seen phrases.