Consulting Services
This is the online free consulting services page. I offer this consultation FREE to my newsletters, "Wise Biz" and "Ezine Act"'s subscribers and the Ezine Act's first time visitors.

However, I charge after that $1.500US on complicated consulting requests (i.e. regarding bilingual websites) per item, regardless to the time they consume until clients build their websites.

This means that you will pay after the first online free consulting services, you will pay for this consulting service, if you still need it, since it takes time and efforts.

dditional consulting fees will be applicable after that on a per-hour work in agreeable negotiations, only if you needed me to continue building your Internet business. No contracts needed, as my reputation and my presence online prevent any cheating.

In addition, you will be actually paying for a complete set of website building and optimizing tools plus small amount to my efforts to build you this business. Clients should send payments in first.

The applicable fees for the online consulting services include:

* Website Building Tools!
* Traffic Analysing Tools!
* Unlimited Forms with Complete Tracking Data!
* Unlimited Auto responders and Leads Generating Mechanisms!
* Automated Search Engines Submission Every Time You build or Rebuild a Page!
* Complete Assistance from the Action Guide in Videos and Text Versions!
* Blog and RSS FEES Services!
* Link Building Automated Directory to Help Building Inbound Links!
* Analyzing Data with Full Reports to Cover Your Website Performance!

Just imagine the total costs of all those well-integrated tools you need to use to build a web business, in one full business package's order! I am almost doing my consulting services FREE!

To your convenience, take your time to calculate the total cost of such services and get back to me. I will be waiting for you to offer you my online free consulting services.

Subscribe to Wise Biz here and please confirm your subscription, when you receive my confirmation email, to receive the newsletter and the business package. This will keep me in contact with you and my entire list to deliver business solutions and other tips to them all together.