India Classified Ads
Ads for is thrilled to add India to their list of Classified Ad countries. As a leader of Classified Ads in the American market Ads for has decided to expand slowly into other markets.

Director of Marketing and Strategy for Ads for notes, "We are very excited to add India to our growing list of countires on Ads for We know that India has a very powerful online community and we welcome them to use our free site as much as possible."

At Ads for they provide free online classified ads in California, Alabama and throughout the entire USA and other major countries. Ads for is dedicated to Wanted ads but they also feature traditional classified ads. Post and Search your wanted ads and online classifieds for FREE within your local city or college.

Ads for also has a forum hosted online. A number of topics about different things that people are in need of, gets discussed here. This website has launched an advertising section as well in which people who want to sell their products or services get an opportunity to target the buyers depending on their actual needs and wants. Thus, making it an effective & focused marketing strategy.

Ads site
When we have launched we didn’t have any expectations from this simple ad posting website. There were not many visitors for several months. But we are not worried as we just wanted to have a free classifieds site in our portfolio. We have totally ignored it for a long time.

Then 9 months ago we woke up to the fact that is getting hundreds of visitors per month and thousands of ads were posted. Then we have decided to do something with it. To make it easier for advertisers we have kept this site free of any registration process. Advertisers can just post an ad without the need to login. Of course we are not offering any ad tracking. We wanted to add these features. But we decided against it, because we want to keep the system as simple as possible and an ad can be posted within a few seconds. In India where several small business people and individuals still go to internet browsing centers to check their email. We didn’t want to create too many hurdles for them. The only constraint we have in place is ads are approved manually. There is no automatic approval of ads. Ads are usually approved within 24 hours.

But we wanted to improve our site and offer some more options. After giving it a thought we have decided to serve contextual ads from We have proceeded quickly and added this feature to After 6 months of introducing these contextual ads, till date, we got about 20 advertisers and 50 publishers to start with. For the limited resources we have, this is quite a satisfying number for us. Now we are displaying ads on about 30 active publishing websites. This month we are expecting half a million ad impressions and 400 valid clicks. That may not be impressive at the first look. But we have limited exposure in terms of publishers and ad variations. We are going to add some more features at such as full page ads and developing our own network of websites.

Starting from that, during the next 12 months we want to achieve a goal of 10 million ad impressions and a publisher network of about 500 websites. That may be a bit ambitious. But we are going step by step towards that goal. We are looking forward to achieve substantial ad revenues by then. Now we are hovering around one million at Alexa. We are looking forward to jump into the top 20000 rankings in the next 12 months. We are looking for strategic partners and investors at this stage. Once we have found the right partners, we feel we can reach these goals we have set for ourselves.