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This article features some of the most important and best revenue options if you can not use Google Adsense and you have a site targeted to an Indian .
  • Do you have a site with major traffic from India?
  • Have you tried Google Adsense?
  • Have you tried Yahoo Publishers Network?
Even if you you site is not targeted to an Indian audience, you will still learn some because I am going to touch some other Ad Revenue options briefly.

I have mentioned only AdBrite and Bidvertiser because they are only two worth mentioning. With bidvertiser you have the nice option to receive your earnings via PAYPAL. However, for most of the websites your Click through rate is really bad so, click per revenue and over all income is way less than google. Biggest reason: none other than adsense got such a huge number of advertisers that mingle nicely with any kind of content.

Your best option here is go for Ads for india
Ads for india is really in-line advertising and sometime they show too many ads in one page if you do not control the numbers of ads to be shown in each page, but they are pretty steady and better than Adbrite/Bidvertiser most of the time.

Adsforindia are doing business for quite some time. However they pay 2 or 3 rupees per click. While Ads2target is very new and still in Beta Stage but they pay only 1 rupee per click most of the time. CTR for both service is pretty low.

The success depends on case to case and the site relevant ads you get for your site. They may not have suitable ad inventory for your site.

Regarding Trashy ads, now a days we see too many adsense or some other ads on every site. There is nothing wrong by the advertisers in showing many ads to make money.

erybody knows, google is the king, but appreciate the good work by our Indians too.

Online advertising is steadily robbing the market share from traditional media advertising. Given the potential of growth and increasing Internet penetration in India, online advertising is set to explode in coming years. The 38.5 million Indian Internet users, according to an IAMAI study, have become the prime target for numerous advertisers clouding the web.

Solutions to both publishers and advertisers include Komli premium network and Komli performance network. Komli premium network offers publishers tons of advertising formats using the newest web technologies, as well as many top brands, and provides advertisers with rich, targeted ways to connect with consumers.

Internet company Yahoo picked up at least 35% stake in Tyroo for an undisclosed amount in July 2007. Incubated by Delhi-based digital media company Smile Interactive Technologies Group, Tyroo was voted as one of the 10 most interesting startups by Business daily Mint, a part of the HT Media group.

Regular visitors to my blog might have noticed that I have been tinkering a lot with ad placements / formats on my blog lately. The reason for this is that over the past few weeks I’ve been getting a large number of visitors on the posts I made on VIT and SRM. Traffic stats have turned into a frikkin’ vertical line. Monetization of this traffic is important to me for the future survival of my blog. While my hosting is done and paid for for the next three years, I do need to build a war-chest to pay for hosting beyond that. If traffic continues to grow at this rate – thank you, dear readers! – I would prefer to move to virtual dedicated / dedicated servers to provide a faster, better browsing experience when on my site for everyone.